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PM Sharon's Victory Address
Now the hard work begins.
News from Virtual Jerusalem
It all started when he punched me back!



The Iron Wall
Seminal article by Ze'ev Jabotinsky.
The Iron Wall - Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir
Lenni Brenner's book reviewed by Robert G. Hazo
The Man with a Mission
David Raziel - struggle for a national homeland.
Escape From Eritrea
Britain's 'Guantanamo Bay' - 60 years ago!
Needed: Jewish Statesmen
Prof. Paul Eidelberg posts a want ad for people like Jabotinsky.


Dershowitz: Try Arafat for Murder
"Such a trial would definitely produce a verdict of guilty."
Amotz Asa-El: Too late Amram
Why should a good man like Mitzna pay for Barak's failures?
Because he is asking for it.
Israel's Election
Rodney Sanders queries: Forward to the Past? Back to the Future?
Sharansky's Next Career
Jerusalem Post Editorial on Yisrael B'Aliyah joining Likud.
An Open Letter to the French People
Senator Joseph Lieberman does not declare: J'Accuse!
An Open Letter to the World
Senator Joseph Lieberman does declare: Now is the time to act on Iraq!
Can a pre-emptive war be a moral imperative?
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
Le Chutzpah
Jonah Goldberg states: "Don't call the French principled".
Dumb and Dumber: Conventional Wisdom About the Present War
Victor Davis Hanson presents a compelling argument.
The Big Lie: Divest From Israel
By I. J. Mansdorf, PhD November 29, 2002
Not Just Anti-Semitic Lies!
Ehud Yari's conclusion: The essence of the message is that there is no possibility of making peace with the Jews.
Liar, Liar!
Brett Stephens devastating refuation of S. Erekat's article in the NY Times.
'If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem': The Power of Blunt Nostalgia
David Mamet's moving essay in Forward: Arts & Letters.
Play it again, Zbig
David Frum derides the Scowcroft - Brzezinski vision of a fnal peace settlement.
The Road Map To Nowhere
Joshua Muravchik reveals the crux of the matter.
Palestinians' Premiere Is No Moderate
Jeff Jacoby strips away the facade.
Wrong Turn
Abraham D. Sofaer explains the "road map" won't lead to peace if it bypasses the causes of war.
A Map for Shifting Sands
Moshe Arens brings clarity to the "road map" issue.
Pressing Ahead Is Our Only Choice
Victor Davis Hanson's proscription for averting a Mid-East tragedy.
The Middle East 'Road Ahead'
Charles Krauthammer on Oslo redux.
Saving Abu Mazen
Yisrael Harel reports: "The Israelis, as the simulation proved, are looking for magic formulas, pointless conferences and vain maps."
Shades of Oslo
It may seem that I'm over quoting Charles Krauthammer; but he speaks the truth, and the truth will out.
Stand By Israel Unreservedly
Former PM Brian Mulroney make a powerful speech accepting his "Man of the Year" award fron the JNF.
Jews and Anti-Jews
Ruth Wisse declares hatred of Israel is a crutch Arab states have to give up.
Palestinian Words Since Aqaba: More Telling Than Deeds
Itamar Marcus: just like Oslo - "During the years 1993-2000, when the PA was not actively involved in terror and, in English, was expressing the desire for peace, its leaders indoctrinated their people with horrific hatred of Jews and Israel".
Calling the enemy's bluff
Caroline Glick: "It is the Israeli people that, if just given the signal from our leadership,
will win this war for our survival."
The Road to Hell
Ruth Wisse: Oslo 10 years after.
Instead of a Wedding, a Double Funeral in Jerusalem
There are tragedies, and then there are tragedies...
End of the Road Map
Ehud Olmert: Eulogy for Oslo on it's 10 anniversary.
Trojan Horse that Labor led into Israel
Ephraim Karsh: "Isn't it time for the Labor Party to show some humility, if not outright remorse?"
Oslo and the World Trade Center
Moshe Feiglin: "One thing was hidden from both the Israelis and the Americans. Without September 13th, there would have been no September 11th."
At UN, Shalom calls for 'Infrastructure of Peace'
Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom urged the international body to "rise above the tired politics of yesterday and adopt a new, courageous agenda for tomorrow."
We are all Jews
R. James Woolsey: the world owes a substantial debt to Judaism - the idea that the law is not the whim of, but rather has its source above, those who rule.
Palestinian Death Cult
Charles Johnson @ LGF says it right - Mark Steyn "speaks the plain, honest truth".
Foreign Policy Freelancers
The last round lead to the Oslo War. Enough said.
Deadly Denial [of Muslim Anti-Semitism]
Like Germany in the 1930's - it's deja vu all over again.
Temple Mount Is More Important Than Peace
G-d saved Sharansky from the Gulag to be a light unto the Jewish People.
Crossing The Red Lines
Dr. Yossi Beilin has again hoisted himself on his own petard.
"Those Jews" - If Only Israel and its Supporters Would Disappear
Victor Davis Hanson: "This fashionable anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism — especially among purported intellectuals of the Left — reveals a deep-seated, scary pathology that is growing geometrically both in and outside the West."
Eye on the Media: The Controversy of Israel
Brett Stephens: "A line has been crossed. With the media's help, Israel has become "controversial." As usual, Israelis and Jews have blazed this particular trail.."
Israel, Palestine, and the Return of the Bi-national Fantasy
Leon Wieseltier savages Tony Judt's "Alternative".
On Hating the Jews
Actually, Natan Sharansky is a light unto the rest of the world, also.
Bush the Radical
Daniel Pipes says George W. Bush's statements on the Middle East represent a sea change in policy.
Geneva Sellout
Charles Krauthammer: This is not a peace treaty, this is a suicide note -- by a private citizen on behalf of a country that has utterly rejected him politically. That it should get any encouragement from the United States or from its secretary of state is a disgrace.
The Consensus Case
Allan Derhowitz: How to improve Israel's case? "It would simply be to tell the truth, but to tell it more effectively and more pervasively than it is now being told."
Foreign to the Cause
Efraim Karsh: "failing to speak in a coherent and confident voice is an assured recipe for disaster."
Iran clarifies the Middle East
Dennis Prager: "If you want to understand the Middle East conflict, Iran has just provided all you need to know."
Multilateral Mantras: The fantasies of the old world meet the realities of the new
Victor Davis Hanson: "Although the much-praised Oslo accords of 1993 were heralded as another triumph of collective wisdom, few at the time voiced concern that we were taking the stake out of defeated terrorists and a criminal head of state, and unleashing them..."
Iraq's Future — and Ours
Victor Davis Hanson: "In an era of the greatest affluence and security in the history of civilization, the real question before us remains whether the United States—indeed, whether any Western democracy—still possesses the moral clarity to identify evil as evil, and then the uncontested will to marshal every available resource to fight and eradicate it. In that sense, our willingness to use unremitting force to eliminate vast cadres of proven killers, in Iraq and elsewhere, is a referendum on modern democracy itself."
Our Primordial World
Victor Davis Hanson: "Israel suffers from the same dilemma of dealing with others' hurt pride as we do."
A Historian's Take on Islam Steers U.S. in Terrorism Fight
Peter Waldman: Bernard Lewis's Blueprint -- Sowing Arab Democracy -- Is Facing a Test in Iraq
Israel's Targeted Killings are Legal
Alan Dershowitz: "there is 'absolutely no doubt' that Israel's policy of targeted killings of senior Hamas terrorists is legal under international law".
Sharon's Folly
Caroline Glick: Gaza would become a carbon copy of South Lebanon.
It's Not About Settlements
Daniel Pipes: "the settlements are the major political obstacle". Not!
Out of the Mouths of the Terrorists
Paula R. Stern: "This is the truth behind the Palestinian goals. A temporary solution until their final solution is achieved."
The Sound of Moderate Islam's Silence
Robert Fulford: "As Daniel Pipes says, radical Islam is the problem, moderate Islam is the solution. But what if moderate Islam remains silent or defensive while radical Islam runs a world-wide hate campaign?"
So What Did We Get?
Caroline Glick: Sharon went to Washington to receive American goodies in exchange for his plan to surrender Gaza and parts of Samaria to the Palestinians while they remain in a state of war against Israel. And here he returned empty-handed.
Benny Begin Attacks Disengagement Plan
"They're soft like pizza, and they fall like dominoes."
The End of American Jewry's Golden Era
Why are you staring at this headline? Read the interview of Daniel Pipes already!
Stop the Moral Equivalence
Garry Kasparov: Suicide-bombing and hostage-taking vs. democracy. The world's greatest chess player makes a cogent argument.
The New Plan
Caroline Glick quotes Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya'alon. Speaking of the military necessity of the operation in Gaza to the Knesset, Ya'alon said, "Only the IDF can secure Gaza." No plan, no matter how new can change this basic truth.
The Region: Middle East Madness
Barry Rubin presents a useful primer.
Managing Pathologies
Caroline Glick: "The events of the past week have laid bare the three pathologies of the Palestinian conflict with Israel."
Detached From Reality
Gerald M. Steinberg: "The disastrous outcome of the Oslo process – seven years of false peace negotiations that Yasser Arafat exploited to prepare a terror campaign – can be blamed on many factors."
Because They Are Jews
Rabbi David Wolpe: "Enemies of Israel insist their hatred has nothing to do with Israel being a Jewish state. Can this be true?"
Israel - A State Of Mind
Tashbih Sayyed in Pakistan Today: "No one is more threatened by radical Islam than the Muslims themselves...Radical Islam's job has been made easier by misinterpretations of the Holy Scriptures that condemn Jews and encourage violence against "infidels.""
Aspers Open Centre for Disadvantaged Israeli Youth
"Izzy wanted the kids to learn Zionism and to have a connection to Israel and that's what we have here," Danny Dannon, chairman of the World Betar Executive, said.
Calmer Times in Israel?
Charles Krauthammer: "While no one was looking, something historic has happened in the Middle East. The Palestinian intifada is over, and the Palestinians have lost."
The ICJ vs. Israel
Charles Krauthammer: "ICJ had no jurisdiction to take this case."
USA Today's Deceptive Backgrounder on the Israeli / Palestinian Conflict
HonestReporting.com: "The online resource distorts fundamental historical events essential to understanding the day-to-day news."
Law Prof: Judea And Samaria Are Israel´s
International Law Professor Talia Einhorn clarifies the law.
Unsung Victories
Victor Davis Hanson: "The effects of American policy throughout the Middle East are gradually being felt."
Blood Libel
Clifford D. May: "But there is something most people don't know about this story (Mohammed al-Durra): It didn't happen the way I described it above. It may not have happened at all."
Collapsing Temples in Gaza
Barbara Lerner: "Don’t misread the Mideast."
Are You Serious?
Louis D. Silver: "Disarm the terrorists; stop them in their tracks. Peace will follow as day does night."
Ariel Sharon's Folly
Daniel Pipes: "The planned withdrawal of all Israeli installations from Gaza amounts to an act of monumental political folly."
Sharansky Resigns Over Disengagement
Natan Sharansky: "Will we, by leaving Gaza encourage freedom of expression and a judicial system that protects human rights? Will the incitement in the Palestinian education system cease? Will the terror groups be dismantled? The answer to all of the above is of course, no."
Spain's ex-PM to Israel: Ignore Europe
Herb Keinon: "Israel need not pay much attention to Europe, which is using its Middle East policy to separate itself from the US, has a tendency toward appeasement and is largely pro-Palestinian, former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar told The Jerusalem Post Monday."
The Media Mob
Caroline Glick: "Just as the US mainstream media, in characterizing the crimes of a few American soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison as indicative of the US military as a whole, gave political cover to terrorists to continue their attacks against American forces and their Iraqi partners, so the Israeli press provides propaganda value to Israel's enemies when it denigrates opponents of the withdrawal in this manner."
Another Tack: Shula in Historyland
Sarah Honig: "Hebron's Jews were slaughtered for being Jews. By whitewashing this, we not only distort the past - we unwittingly become active accomplices in shaping a dismal, tragic future."
How Israel Won the War on Terror
Bret Stephens: "How did things improve so dramatically, and so quickly, for Palestinians and Israelis alike?"
Lessons from Israel's War
Michael Oren: "The first is, quite simply, recognizing that this is a war -- a total war, an existential war, a war of survival. ... Secondly, victories can be won against terror without totally devastating the host society."
Beginning With Begin
Yisrael Medad details how Sharon distorts the words of Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Menachem Begin.
Bin Laden's Inspiration
Alan Dershowitz: "Yasser Arafat was the godfather of international terrorism who dashed his people's hope for statehood, stole billions of dollars intended for the relief of their suffering, and indoctrinated their children with so much hatred that they willingly turned themselves into human bombs."
Why Oslo's Hopes Turned to Dust
Daniel Pipes explains what went wrong on the 10th anniversary.
The Great Refugee Scam
Shmuel Katz: one of the great international frauds of the 20th century.
Arafat's Legacy
Charles Krauthammer: "He was single-minded, but not about statehood or a real peace."
Likud Leaders: Sharon Has Turned His Back on Jabotinsky
Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin, a long-time friend and colleague of Ariel Sharon, is sorely disappointed with the Prime Minister's ideological turnabout.
Measure Palestinian Freedom, not Summits
Natan Sharansky: "The peace process will fail again if it is not linked to real democracy and human rights".
The False Dawn of Peace
Steven Stalinsky: "Now that the old brute’s dead, are his successors any better?".
Militant About "Islamism"
Janet Tassel: "Daniel Pipes wages 'hand-to-hand combat' with a 'totalitarian ideology.'"
Time to Vote
Charles Krauthammer: "Has no one learned anything?"
International Law and Alternative Withdrawal
Steven Shamrak: "In 1992, United Nations Security Council Resolution 799 reinforces the Fourth Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949 to all the 'Palestinian' territories occupied by Israel since 1967, and affirms that deportation of (any) civilians constitutes a contravention of its obligations under the Convention. The resolution does not exclude Jews."
Flight of Fancy
Shmuel Katz: "A nation cannot fight wars against an enemy aiming at its destruction while its leaders are occupied with fatuous flights of fancy about peace and formulae for negotiations. That is the lesson we should have learned from bitter experience time after time since 1948. Negotiations must wait until the war is won."
A Taste of Their Own Medicine
Daniel Pipes: "The Amman bombings, attributed to al-Qaeda, exposed the hypocrisy of Palestinians and their supporters, who condemn terrorism against themselves but not against others, especially not Israelis."
Yasser Abbas
Tom Gross: "But it would be dangerous folly to suppose that the necessary change has already taken place, and until it does, the Israelis have no choice but to put considerations of security first and reserve the right to determine their own borders."
High-Tech Industry in Israel Goes From Bust to Boom
Israel's high-tech sector is having its best year since the dot-com implosion in 2000, and the evidence includes this working-class town (Kiryat Gat), where bulldozers are rapidly clearing acres of land for a huge, state-of-the-art chip-making plant."
Israeli Politics Will Revert to its Past
Daniel Pipes: "The result is likely to be a less escapist and more realist set of policies toward the Palestinians and perhaps even some forward movement toward a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian war."
Democracy's Bitter Fruit
Daniel Pipes: "Now that Hamas has apparently won the Palestinian elections, the West is hoist with its own petard."
The "Pragmatist" of Hamas
HonestReporting.com: How moderate is the new Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority?
Pull the Plug on UNRWA
Jonathan S. Tobin: "But Americans have no excuse for continuing to be complicit in this deception. We - the funders of this half-century-old UN fiasco - must face up to the fact that this monster must be decapitated, and then rebuilt as a genuine humanitarian group."
Stephen Walt's World
Martin Kramer: "In short, the Levant in Walt's World would become a far more dangerous place than it is now, for Israelis, for Arabs, and ultimately for Americans. Without a strong Israel, buttressed by the United States, it might begin to look like it did before 1967, or as the Gulf has looked over the last three decades. Why anyone would imagine this to be a feasible U.S. policy option—even at Harvard—is a mystery."
A Palestinian Leader Can't be Moderate
George Jonas: "... for Mr. Arafat was Hamas. The old terrorist rather liked being Hamas, one suspects -- but Mr. Abbas will be Hamas, too, whether he likes it or not."
The Prisoners' "Peace" Plan
Honest Reporting: "The plan does not limit Palestinian claims, nor does it reject violence, either within pre-1967 Israel or elsewhere. While the media is currently drawing a great deal of attention to this plan based on Hamas' opposition to it, readers should point out to their local media that in reality, the plan breaks little new ground."
Victimhood: A Palestinian Disease
Charles Krauthammer: "This embrace of victimhood, of martyrdom, of blood and suffering, is the Palestinian disease. They are offered their own independent state. They are given all of Gaza. And they respond with rocket attacks into peaceful Israeli towns -- in pre-1967 Israel proper, mind you."
Our World: Israel's Rude Awakening
Caroline Glick: "Doing so would involve an admission that what the Kadima and Labor parties have presented to the public as their world view is wrong. That world view involves a denial of a basic, fundamental truth: When you empower terrorists, terrorists are empowered."
Return to Gaza: Disengagement has Failed
Gerald M. Steinberg: "As an early Israeli supporter of unilateral disengagement, I admit that this plan, like the earlier Oslo "peace process," has failed. ... After paying a high price for these hopes, Israelis have rediscovered the fundamental need for direct control over their own security."
Has Israel Lost the Spirit of '76?
Jeff Jacoby: "But Israel will either defeat its enemies or be defeated by them; ``disengaging" from them is not an option. In 1976, Israelis understood that in their bones. Thirty years later, do they still?"
"No Matter What, the Violence Will Never Stop"
Spiegel Online: "Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, is second in command of the political Hamas leadership in Syrian exile. In an interview, he tells SPIEGEL ONLINE that the agreement with Fatah on the foundation of a Palestinian state does not mean that his organization will recognize Israel. Hamas, he say, will remain committed to violence against its occupier." This refutes the Big Lie that the "Prisoner's Document" implicitly accepts the existence of Israel.
Remember What Happened Here
Charles Krauthammer: "Gaza is freed, yet Gaza wages war. That reveals the Palestinians' true agenda".
Former Chief of Staff: Sharon's Disengagement a Disaster
INN reports: "Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon, IDF Chief of Staff" says "The Disengagement was a strategic mistake of the first order".
We deserve the Qassams and the Katyushas
Nadav Shragai: "We earned it honestly as a nation of gullible fools, who over and over followed the illusions of quiet, peace and demography sold buy its leaders." A truly shocking admission from this Ha-aretz reporter.
The UN's Failed Mission
National Post: "But all the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has done is preside over the establishment of a de facto Hezbollah terrorist statelet on Israel's northern border."
'Disproportionate'? I don't think so
Ben Stein: "By any historic measure, Israel's response to a decade of torment is extremely restrained -- maybe too restrained. And it can stop any time Hezbollah says it will use peaceful means to get its aims. I don't hear it saying that. What I hear are a thousand Hezbollah rockets falling on exclusively civilian targets in Israel. There's your answer about whether Israel's response is disproportionate."
Why the UN post was bombed
Andrew Bolt: "Retired Canadian Major General Lewis Mackenzie says he recently received emails from the Canadian peacekeeper killed at the UN post who’d told him that Hezbollah was using his post as cover:
"We received emails from him a few days ago, and he was describing the fact that he was taking fire within, in one case, three meters of his position for tactical necessity, not being targeted. Now that’s veiled speech in the military. What he was telling us was Hezbollah soldiers were all over his position and the IDF were targeting them. And that’s a favorite trick by people who don’t have representation in the UN. They use the UN as shields knowing that they can’t be punished for it."
What is this Retreat for?
Steven Shamrak posits a good question. What is the "quo" in this "quid pro"
The Media Disengagement
Yisrael Medad: "These are but a few of the questions for which Israel's media must provide a fair and balanced forum for discussion and dialogue. Their involvement and responsibility for Israel's future is no less than that of a prime minister or the leader of the opposition. That is how a true democracy works."
Netanyahu: Pullout will Endanger West
Caroline Glick: "Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu believes that in the aftermath of Israel's upcoming departure, "Gaza will be transformed into a base for Islamic terrorism adjacent to the coast of the State of Israel." "
Today Gaza, Tomorrow Jerusalem
Daniel Pipes: "The retreat will inspire not comity but a new rejectionist exhilaration, a greater frenzy of anti-Zionist anger, and a surge in anti-Israel violence."
Following Hezbollah's Lead
Barry Rubin: "What will be the impact of the recent war on the Middle East?"
Terrorist Theater Tricks
Caroline Glick: "What are we seeing when we watch events from the Middle East on our television screens? Is it news or is it terrorist theater?"
The Media War Against Israel
Melanie Phillips: "The western media are no longer merely producing questionable professional practices in reporting a war. They are now active participants in it — and on the wrong side of history."
Amnesty Int'l Redefines 'War Crimes'
Alan Dershowitz: "Amnesty International just can't seem to help itself when it comes to blaming Israel for the evils of the world, but rational observers must not credit the pre-determined conclusions of a once-reputable organization that has destroyed its own credibility by repeatedly applying a double standard to Israel."
Israel Must Defend Itself
Ed Koch: "Are Palestinian women to be allowed, because of their gender, to help the Palestinian terrorists with impunity? I think rational people will say no."
Look Who's Subverting the Torah
Barbara Crook: "The future of Israel and the Jewish people depends on Jews who embrace Judaism and are proud to be Jews - whether by birth or by conscious decision."
Louise Arbour vs. Israel
Jonathan Kay: "One might ask the former robed luminary: What level of casualties must Israel (or any Western democracy) absorb before they earn the right to fight back vigorously?"
Will James Baker Stay True to Form?
Ed Lasky: "Baker is true to form if his plan for dealing with Iraq will consist of coddling dictators from Damascus to Teheran. What other cards does Baker have up his sleeves? Has Baker stacked the deck against Israel? Based on the evidence so far, the answers are not very comforting."
ISG must stand for, uh, Inane Strategy Guesswork
Mark Steyn: "And, incidentally, how did that phrase -- "the right of return" -- get so carelessly inserted into a document signed by two former secretaries of state, two former senators, a former attorney general, Supreme Court judge, defense secretary, congressman, etc. These are by far the most prominent Americans ever to legitimize a concept whose very purpose is to render any Zionist entity impossible. I'm not one of those who assumes that just because much of James Baker's post-government career has been so lavishly endowed by the Saudis that he must necessarily be a wholly owned subsidiary of King Abdullah, but it's striking how this document frames all the issues within the pathologies of the enemy."
Likud Leaders: 'Olmert's Policies Threaten Central Israel'
Arutz Sheva: The Likud party convened last night in Kfar Saba in a show of vigor, concentrating on Netanyahu's "Israel Strength Program" in response to what they call Olmert's dangerously misguided policies. "It's hard to tell the truth to the public," Netanyahu said, "but you can't simply look at the reality with rose-colored glasses. They said about Jabotinsky, too, that he was imagining things and a doom-sayer. Seven months ago, they called us the same - but the public has now finally begun to understand. But the government still has not."
Syria: First Things First
Moshe Arens: "... first things first - Israel should make two basic things clear. We will respect the position of our allies in Washington, and we have no intention of rewarding Syrian aggression."
How the Media Partnered With Hezbollah: Harvard's Cautionary Report
Frida Ghitis: "Marvin Kalb, of Harvard's Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, methodically traces the transformation of the media "from objective observer to fiery advocate." Kalb painstakingly details how Hezbollah exercised absolute control over how journalists portrayed its side of the conflict, while Israel became "victimized by its own openness."
What is Israel's problem?
Caroline Glick: "As long as we continue to base our national debates and policies on enemy propaganda, it should surprise no one that Israel finds itself in its current dire predicament. If we are serious about solving our problems, we must liberate ourselves from hostile forces that distort our national conversation with the help of their Israeli media buddies."
Prelude to the Six Days
Charles Krauthammer: "But Israelis are cautious. They remember the terror of that June 4 and of that unbearable May when, with Israel in possession of no occupied territories whatsoever, the entire Arab world was furiously preparing Israel's imminent extinction. And the world did nothing."
Jenin comes to Lebanon. So where is the outcry?
Jonathan Kay: "For years, we have been told that Palestinian suffering and "humiliation" is at the root of the Middle East conflict, as well as the Western-Muslim clash of civilizations more generally. This is nonsense: The 200,000-plus Palestinian refugees who live in Lebanese camps are treated worse than dogs -- with no access to decent schools or good jobs -- and no one in the Arab world cares a whit. In fact, many Arabs seem to embrace the same blind anti-Palestinian hatred of which Israel is typically accused."


Multiculturalists are the real racists
Powerful commentary from Mark Steyn of the National Post.
Kerry the Clueless
Martin Peretz: "Like Carter and Clinton, he's a Democrat who offers Israel nothing but muddled ideas."
Sacrificing Israel
Charles Krauthammer: Kerry's platform - We're doing our part (against Israel), now you do yours (in Iraq).
Kerry Will "Put More Pressure on Israel"
William Kristol: Kerry's top foreign policy adviser and surrogate, Richard Holbrooke said "He [Kerry] has said already he would start intense talks with the allies . . . and he would reach out to the moderate Arab states. He'd put more pressure on Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia, above all." Thus confirming Charles Krauthammer's prediction, while lumping Israel together with Syria, and Saudi Arabia.
Pat Robertson Accuses The Jews
As worldwide Jewry is still reeling from Mel Gibson's stinging blockbuster film of graphic violence and gratuitous bloodshed, which portrays the Jews as conspiring, blood-thirsty Christ-killers, Rev. Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcast Network (CBN.com) has launched a stunning assault on the Jewish faith.
Alabama Supports Israel
As they did in 1943, supporting the creation of the State of Israel, in 2004, Alabama supports Israel. Finally some good news. Good on them.
Jews Know the Danger of Appeasing Evil
Barbara Kay: in a post-9/11 world, the neoconservative vision makes sense.
The Fruits of Appeasement
Victor Davis Hanson: Sooner or later, we had to face down Islamic terror. What took us so long?
Myth or Reality?
Victor Davis Hanson: Will Iraq work? That’s up to us.
Betar Youth Group Attacked Near Israel Day Parade
Members of Cleveland Betar attacked during 40th annual Israel Day Parade in New York.
The Berkeley Intifada?
Michael J. Totten: "Political Correctness is finished. What started out as intolerance of hate has become hatred's enabler. It fails to live up to its own standard and can't possibly become more absurd than it already is. It slid all the way down the slippery slope and annihilated itself."
One Small Step
Anne Bayefsky: "Is the U.N. finally ready to get serious about anti-Semitism?"
Victor Davis Hanson: "Perhaps we should take a hard look at this current mythic world."
Michael Moore and the Problem of American (and Jewish) Self-hatred
Dennis Prager: "Among all the world's peoples, only two produce large numbers of individuals who have greater sympathy for those who hate their country or national/ethnic group than for those who love it -- Americans and Jews".
The Case of Reuters
Tom Gross: A news agency that will not call a terrorist a terrorist.
On Presbyterian Anti-Israel Decision
Allan Dershowitz: "The Presbyterian Church (USA) has committed a grievous sin."
The Day the Americans Bombed Auschwitz
Dr. Rafael Medoff: "The Allies' refusal to bomb the Auschwitz gas chambers while bombing the nearby oil factories, and their claims about not being able to divert planes even while they did divert planes to the hopeless Warsaw uprising, should be remembered with shame."
They're Terrorists - Not Activists
Daniel Pipes: "Politically-correct news organizations undermine their credibility with such subterfuges. How can one trust what one reads, hears, or sees when the self-evident fact of terrorism is being semi-denied?"
Europe Will Be Islamic by the End of the Century
Robert Spencer: "Or maybe sooner."
Terrorist: There Is No Other Name
Andrea Levin: "But avoiding use of the word “terrorist” is actually imprecise and misleading. It is tantamount to taking sides — the terrorist's side."
The U.N.? Who Needs It . . . ?
Victor Davis Hanson: "It is about time to think the unthinkable: the UN is not beneficial, neutral, but increasingly hostile to freedom."
Entrenching Human Misery
Robert Fulford: "UNRWA has become the official aid community's ugliest example of internationalized hypocrisy, and probably the longest-lasting. It helped bring something new into the world: permanent refugee status."
The Wisdom of Nations
Anne Bayefsky: "While Rome burns". Welcome to the new open season on Israel at the UN.
The Therapeutic Choice
Victor Davis Hanson: "A war for our lives, or a nuisance to our lifestyle?"
The Real Humanists: Revolution from Afghanistan to Iraq
Victor Davis Hanson: "Quite literally, we are living in the strangest, most perilous, and unbelievable decade in modern memory."
A Modern-day Crime Against Humanity
Linda Frum, Stockwell Day, Salim Mansur and Reuben Bromstein: "There is no political philosophy or faith, beyond a pathological bloodlust, that justifies suicide bombings as a means to some political end."
Undiplomatic Imbalance
Anne Bayefsky: "The antisemitism at the U.N. is a problem for more than just Israel."
The Roots of Mideast Terror
Paul Berman: "In the war of ideas unfolding in the region, the West is hobbled by the same sort of naivete that compromised the battle against totalitarianism in the 20th century."
Realizing Sharansky's Vision for the Mideast
Bruce Garvey: "... the President has adopted Sharansky's brilliant new book as the cornerstone of his personal political philosophy. It's called The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror, and the President is said to press it on friends and foes, foreign leaders, journalists, anyone within ear-shot. "This is a book that summarizes how I feel," he told CNN."
A Neo-Conservative's Caution
Daniel Pipes: "... one main danger threatens to undo the good news: that a too-quick removal of tyranny unleashes Islamist ideologues and opens their way to power."
The Monstrous Regiment of University Teachers
Melanie Phillips: "Yet these are our university teachers, the very people responsible for shaping the assumptions of a society, whose own profound ignorance, prejudice and twisted morality are now on such conspicuous display."
From Britain, with Bigotry
Alan M. Dershowitz: "This academic boycott makes clear that when Israel does precisely what — its detractors demand that it do, even then especially then! — extreme left-wing academics will only despise Israel more for putting the lie to the professors' hate-filled views."
Cover for a Deeper Prejudice
Ed Morgan: "It seems that while British physicians still take the Hippocratic oath, doctors in other fields are taking a hypocritical one."
The Anglicans Lose Their Way
Melanie Phillips: "With last Friday’s vote by the Anglican Consultative Council to ‘commend’ divestment from companies supporting Israel’s polices... the Anglican church has descended into the moral abyss."
Ashamed of Being British?
Boris Johnson: "Why does America import its suicide bombers, while we produce our own?"
Suddenly, it's 'terrorism'
Tom Gross: "When it happens on your own doorstep, ... terrorism seems very different than it does when innocent people are murdered elsewhere."
And Then They Came After Us
Victor Davis Hanson: "We're at war. How about acting like it?"
What Do the Terrorists Want?
Daniel Pipes: "In nearly all cases, the jihadi terrorists have a patently self-evident ambition: to establish a world dominated by Muslims, Islam, and Islamic law, the Shari'a. Or, again to cite the Daily Telegraph, their "real project is the extension of the Islamic territory across the globe, and the establishment of a worldwide ‘caliphate' founded on Shari'a law."
Keep Quiet And Listen! The words of radical Islam speak for themselves.
Victor Davis Hanson: "Yet there is one and only one legitimate objection of the crackpot radical Islamists that rings true: We in the West don’t listen to them when they promise us our deaths."
A Modern Racial Libel
Melanie Phillips: "Israeli officials who have privately said from very early on that the al Dura footage was faked also say that there is no point opening up this affair to public scrutiny because the magnitude of this lie is so great... But it is wrong. Whatever reaction it provokes, there is an obligation to history to unmask an apparent lie of this magnitude and establish the truth. Commentary has performed an important service."
Scapegoat to the World
Alan M. Dershowitz: "The hard left's compulsive need to single out Israel for what is often undeserved condemnation is damaging the human rights movement."
Marching Against War - and Jews
David Frum exposes the true purposes of the strange coalition of hard leftists, jihadists and eternal anti-Semites who now claim to speak for "peace".
The Two Harold Pinters
Robert Fulford: "Their [European intellectuals] view of U.S.-Israel relations involves two firm beliefs. On the one hand, the heavy thinkers of Europe regard Israel as nothing but a U.S. puppet. On the other, they believe Israel controls American policy through Jewish political contributions and the Machiavellian conspiracies of Jewish neoconservatives who run Washington."
Wake up, Europe, you've a war on your hands
Mark Steyn: "For half a decade, French Arabs have been carrying on a low-level intifada against synagogues, kosher butchers, Jewish schools, etc. The concern of the political class has been to prevent the spread of these attacks to targets of more, ah, general interest. They seem to have lost that battle. Unlike America's Europhiles, France's Arab street correctly identified Chirac's opposition to the Iraq war for what it was: a sign of weakness."
Intifada a la francaise
Nidra Poller: "The burned-out cars and buildings that litter French streets are the domestic residue of the jihadi cult that these French Muslims have been drugged on through al-Jazeera, and which has been legitimized by a French intellectual class that has always romanticized resistance in all its forms."
Five Questions Non-Muslims would Like Answered
Dennis Prager: "The rioting in France by primarily Muslim youths and the hotel bombings in Jordan are the latest events to prompt sincere questions that law-abiding Muslims need to answer for Islam's sake, as well as for the sake of worried non-Muslims."
A New Iraq, a New Middle East
Christopher Hitchens: "One must remember that just three years ago, possessing a satellite dish in Iraq would invite death -- not just for you, but for your whole family."
Bolton Says Palestinian Resolutions Demonstrate UN Irrelevance
Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said the United Nations General Assembly demonstrated its irrelevance today by adopting six resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including non-binding calls for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank and Golan Heights.
But seriously folks, this clown is dangerous
Mark Steyn: "If a genocidal fantasist is acceptable in polite society, we'll soon find ourselves dealing with a genocidal realist."
Two approaches to destroying Israel
Daniel Pipes: There is a right way and a wrong way, strangely, to call for the elimination of Israel. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, provided an example of both ways in recent weeks."
In Iran, Arming for Armageddon
Charles Krauthammer: Negotiations to deny this certifiable lunatic genocidal weapons have been going nowhere. Everyone knows they will go nowhere. And no one will do anything about it."
Chomsky's No-State Solution, And More on Munich
Jack Engelhard: Kushner, like Chomsky, is okay with a Jewish State, as long as it is not Jewish and it is not a state."
Letter to a European Friend
David Frum: "Combine the hostility to Judaism taught by Islamic theology with the hostility to Jews felt by contemporary Muslim societies — and you arrive at a frightening conclusion: When the Christian era draws to its end in Europe, so too will end the era of European Jewry."
L'affaire Finkielkraut
Nidra Poller: "What a great pity for French society that, instead of listening to it, Finkielkraut's contemporaries find it more convenient to shoot the messenger."
Rights and Wrongs
Melissa Radler interviews Anne Bayefsky.
Terror Stings Its Pal, the U.N.
Alan M. Dershowitz says the U.N. has reaped what it sowed.
Euro Trash
Alan M. Dershowitz: "Sometimes a public opinion poll tells us more about those being polled than about the question at hand".
When the Community Silenced the Activists
Frank Dimant: Silence is Garbage
Alliance No More?
Mark Steyn: The "Western alliance" is over.
The Hate That Shames Us
Julie Burchill: "...loathing the Jews is more about the personal than the political, despite the phoney, anticolonial cant of the anti-Zionists."
Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz, lobbied Congress for Holocaust rescue
We should all earn the merit of passing on with such a good name.
Seeing Anti-Semitism in 3D
Natan Sharansky delineates the 3 D's: Demonization, Double Standards, Deligitimation.
An Open Letter to Alan Dershowitz
Isaac Kohn responds to the Dershowitz article "Bigotry Outside Faneuil Hall".
The Multilateral Moment?
Victor Davis Hanson: "Our bad and worse choices about Iran."
US decries Palestinian map display at U.N. event
U.S. Ambassador John Bolton has complained to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan about an annual U.N. event where a map of pre-1948 Palestine, an area that now comprises the state of Israel, is displayed.
UN Claims Map Erasing Israel Just "Historical"
In an obvious slight to any American Ambassador, and straining to duck responsibility for the event and the response, Secretary-General Kofi Annan refused to write back directly. The letter was signed by Ibrahim Gambari, Under-Secretary-Ge
Expectations of Middle East Peace Drop Following Hamas Victory
Finally some good new fro The Gallup Poll: Growing sympathy toward Israelis evident
Conned by Hamas
David Frum: "But if short-sighted and frightened diplomats persuade Western governments to try to woo Hamas, to coax and cajole and offer bribes and benefits, then the violence of the past two weeks will soon prove a very mild introduction to the horrors to come."
The Barbarians of Europe
Tom Gross: "Three events in the last few days suggest that Europeans may finally be taking the threat of renewed anti-Semitism seriously."
A Church in Decline
Michael Coren: "The former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, told journalists that he was "ashamed to be an Anglican" after the Synod of the Church of England announced that it would consider withdrawing all investment from companies supplying Israel with equipment used on the West Bank."
The Cult of Rachel Corrie
Michael Coren: "Very few critics wondered why there was no mention, for example, that partly because of Corrie's obstruction of the Israeli army, guns were indeed smuggled to terrorists who then murdered Israeli children in the southern town of Sderot. Or of the meeting that took place between her allegedly "peaceful" organization and British suicide bombers Omar Khan Sharif and Assif Muhammad. But then, nuance does not tell as good a story as reliable old black and white, and good guys and bad Jews."
Tinfoil Hats in Harvard Yard
Michael B. Oren: "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy in fact reveals little about the conduct of U.S. foreign affairs. It does, however, afford a disquieting look into just how far the pernicious ideology of Middle Eastern studies has penetrated the humanities and helped render the academy irrelevant."


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